Tuesday, 26 August 2014

About Ninjas and electronic devices


Are you open-minded?
If you – as a Swiss guy – come to Ethiopia, you’d better be. And you shouldn’t have problems with touching other people (even other men. Yes, other MEN.). If you become friends with an Ethiopian it’s common for men to hold hands, to hug or even kiss each other on the cheek.

Girls should be more restricted with it, as boys and girls are not allowed to touch each other in public. It seems that the University tries to avoid any contact by locating the girls and boys dormitories each on another side of the campus in order to have as much space as possible between the two building complex’. Girls are not allowed to visit boys in their dormitories and vice versa otherwise they get into troubles. On Sunday evening I was on a personal tour with some Swiss and Ethiopian guys and they showed me the huge campus. I felt like a shining light in the dark as I was one of the only girls on the campus and for sure the only white girl, so I tried to look like a guy by hiding my hair (I felt like a Ninja when walking across the street) Despite camouflage-clothing I was still discovered. Suddenly, we were surrounded by many guys who were staring at me while I was passing so I wasn’t as invisible as I thought (hrmpf). I guess it’s now the topic number one: a white girl crossing the campus on Sunday’s evening (and guys, don’t even try telling me that guys aren’t gossiping).

Now some facts about our start-up week. It started on Monday and I think it’s time to inform you about some of the business ideas. First of all I’d like to introduce “I got Devices” (IGD).
IGD is an online platform on which sellers and buyers of electronic products find one another. In Ethiopia buyers often don’t find suitable suppliers, which poses a problem. That’s when IGD becomes active. Suppliers can present their electronic devices online and place furthermore their advertisements on the website of IGD in order to find buyers. IGD consult the potential buyers about products from different suppliers and calculates a commission on purchases. What makes IGD better than other platforms? It’s innovative, dynamic and motivated. The young IGD-team is interested in continually presenting new attractive suppliers and to advise buyers adequately during their searching process.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t hesitate and have a quick look on the first draft version of IGD’s website: www.igotdevice.com.

Tomorrow more. I’m now going to work on my Ninja-abilities.

No goodbye today, as Ninjas just disappear.

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